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OK, so how does this work?

We know how you feel... Gift giving is hard! How hard? Escape Room hard!

Surprise that special someone with a gift voucher from The Enigma Room. The value of the voucher that you purchased can be used towards the entry fee of one of our unique escape rooms, so you can share this great experience with your friends without having to actually organise the event yourself! You see, we've thought of everything!

You can purchase your gift voucher online right now using your PayPal account or credit card (through the PayPal checkout) by filling out the form below.

If you prefer to pay by another method, please give us a call on 0423 890 215 to arrange a time to come in to The Enigma Room to purchase your gift voucher in person.


Once you fill out the form below and complete your checkout process, a voucher code will be assigned to you. This code will be emailed to you right away (so make sure your email address is correct!) so you can use it immediately if you want. However, we know that people love the feel of a fresh gift voucher in their hands, so you need to decide how you will receive your voucher.

The form below has two options for delivery:

In Store - Come in to The Enigma Room personally and pick up your voucher

Mail - Have your voucher "snail-mailed" to you. Please note that our vouchers are sent using standard mail and delivery can take up to 7 days.

All vouchers have an expiry date of three years from the date of purchase.

So now that you know how it all works, it's time to order your gift voucher!


How many people would you like the gift voucher to cover?

You can purchase a voucher for any amount that you like, but just to make it easier, the buttons below will change the voucher amount to cover that many people in a game. So if you select 3 people, your voucher will cost as much as a three person game ($129).

The recipient can then use this voucher to cover the cost of their next booking. Just remember that if you purchase a voucher for one person, the recipient will still need to find at least one other person to play their game, maybe it could be YOU!

If you prefer to set the amount yourself, just click the "other" button and enter in your own amount (minimum voucher amount is $10)

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